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August 07 2015


Tennis association aced junior championships, organizers say - Charlotte Observer

Playing host to state-level tennis tournaments is nothing new for the Lake Norman Tennis Association.

But the association's management believe they outdid themselves with the latest state tournament the organization hosted.

The U.S. Tennis Association recently held its 2015 North Carolina Junior Team Tennis championships in the Lake Norman region July 17-19, drawing nearly 700 players and more than seven dozen teams.

"It was a huge success," said Amy Brandon, the Lake Norman Tennis Association's tournament coordinator for the Junior Team Tennis championships. "It was the biggest one the state has ever had as far as the number of participants, from all over the state. It was very successful."

Most of the matches during the Junior Team Tennis tournament were held at Davidson's River Run Tennis Club, using both the facility's outdoor and indoor courts. Other courts throughout the Lake Norman area - Cornelius' Hough High and Jetton Park, and Hopewell High, Holbrook Park and North Mecklenburg Park in Huntersville - were also used.

The Lake Norman Tennis Association has hosted U.S. Tennis Association state adult championship tournaments the past three years and has received awards from the USTA for its work. In 2013, the group was named the state's member organization of the year, and in 2014 received the USTA Southern Region's team tennis event of the year award for its work organizing the North Carolina 40-over adult league state championships.

But organizing the Junior Team Tennis state championships provided its own challenges, according to Brandon.

"One of the things was with the younger kids - the 8-unders and 10-unders," Brandon said. "Obviously, with the younger kids, they use smaller courts. That's why we used the courts over at Jetton Park and North Mecklenburg Park.

"The other thing is that when the adult tournaments come to town, it's just the players coming. With the kids, they all bring their families - their parents, their grandparents, their aunts, their uncles - so you're talking a lot of people. We were having to accommodate a lot of families."

That almost proved troublesome for both the Lake Norman Tennis Association and River Run, which hosted the tournament's player party - an event that drew more than 900 people, nearly twice the expected number.

"That caught us by surprise," Brandon said. "Going by what the USTA told us, we had anticipated about 450-500 people. But River Run's staff handled it beautifully. They were excited, and they're ready to do it again next year."

This year's Junior Team Tennis state championships were http://texastennisopen.com the first in a two-year contract with the Lake Norman Tennis Association to host the event.

Brandon said that planning for next year's tournament - scheduled for July 15-18, 2016 - began almost as soon as the 2015 tournament ended.

"We're going to have a meeting about that soon with USTA North Carolina (officials)," Brandon said. "Some of the things we want to do is utilize more hotel blocks, for one, and let the area businesses know in advance. They're all going to have a big increase in business, because all those families are going to want to go out to dinner, they're going to buy things like water and Gatorade by the case, things like that.

"As far as the tournament itself, we're looking at finding more tennis court facilities. We ended up using 47 courts. We also need a better rain plan, because it rained on us two days. Having more indoor court facilities would be fantastic."

August 06 2015


Opinion: Pope Francis's 'attendance' at GOP debate is going to help sink the party - MarketWatch

Pope Francis's blunt delivery reminds us of a construction worker operating a new loud jackhammer, hell-bent on dismantling the large concrete edifice of American capitalism along with deep, biting attacks like:

"Men and women are generally sacrificed to the idols regarding gain along with consumption: it will always be the 'culture regarding waste.' In the event that some kind involving computer breaks it can always be a tragedy, nevertheless poverty, the actual needs as well as dramas associated with therefore many individuals end up becoming considered normal." Warning, he's now their champion inciting the rebellion.

As a lot as the GOP candidates will attempt to deny it, Pope Francis is planning to be participating in their debate Thursday, if perhaps as becoming a voice deep within the again associated with their own minds. the GOP's events of playing deaf tend to be over, the elephant around the 2015-16 political stage is the big guy within the white suit with the engaging smile. Nevertheless soon, Pope Francis's message will probably be burning deep about each capitalist brain, hotter when in comparison for you to a branding iron on the Texas bull ...

But by September, Pope Francis' remark concerning WWIII will audio rather accurate as he addresses your Us General Assembly after warning the particular GOP Congress, calling for a worldwide revolution of the disenfranchised poor, while feeding the actual flames leading up towards the December signing of the sweeping and binding global agreement about climate alter along with carbon emissions, an offer most likely accepted simply by as many as 200 nation members with the UN, even because the GOP, Large Oil, the particular Koch billionaires perform to be able to kill it. Couple Of observe what's coming, fewer yet will admit it. and they'll be demanding any counterattack

Yes, Pope Francis will truly listen to every dismissal voiced by simply GOP debaters, about how they're ignoring exactly what the pope says within matters associated with economics, social policy, global-warming science. a RawStory.com headline captured the voice with the party: "Rush Limbaugh should go bonkers since Pope Francis called out-of-control capitalism the particular dung of the devil." Yes, your pope declared capitalism is the "dung of the devil."

So way nobody's talking significantly about WWIII. He'll become challenging the actual GOP's core conservative values that sharply contrast along with his 10 new moral commandments, occasionally even noting breaking all of them is a sin.

So Jeb far better be ready to be able to retract his latest gaff up inside New Hampshire. Ten new moral rules in which unfortunately along with unavoidably stand it immediate opposition to end up being able to every small thing you collectively with your current conservative GOP debate downline stand for, ten new moral laws guaranteed to maintain burning hot in the minds involving millions of voters for the the coming year till the big election.

Pope's attack upon capitalism obtaining hotter, GOP distracted through debates

Soon, Francis will be addressing most 300 Republicans face-to-face, all instructed to listen respectfully (even if fuming inside such as raging Rush) because the pope drives home social policies for the poor, chips away from perks regarding rich capitalists and warns of your mass revolution dead ahead. read his new catechism pertaining to almost all Catholics below. so you better listen to your pope, as the voters are. The Particular media's stuck throughout low-brow mode, drowning in the primary's clown-car soap opera. Along With you can't just dismiss it with the usual dull economic rhetoric as well as platitudes.

Pope Francis warns, WWIII has currently been here, join his mass revolution

We understand this activist pope just won't stop -- he keeps ramping up his attack, hammering away in capitalism's war against the poor and also the environment: "In this third world war, waged piecemeal, which we get been now experiencing, a form of genocide can be taking place, plus it must end."

Get it? Inside Pope Francis' world view, WWIII has recently begun, can be raging, here, now, today. However realize this, a enormous cultural clash is coming with http://papst-in-deutschland.net regard to America, an ideological war between your Pope's 10 new moral commandments versus the wisdom regarding GOP's capitalist base that's inherited Ayn Rand's ultra-conservative ideology, exactly where its survival the actual fittest, every-man-for-himself.

Sorry Jeb, however your current Pope Francis has currently been on record using 10 new modern-era commandments. big oversight guys. Consequently no real surprise that his relentless anticapitalism attacks are usually traveling conservative critics crazy.

Yes, that's why Pope Francis may always be the single many powerful politician in America and the world today, certainly not Trump, not really Bush, nor some of the particular GOP debaters, certainly not the 300 Republicans within Congress, not really Large Oil donors nor conservative billionaires. for now, none of these may hear the particular pope's message.

Yes, the actual election countdown will ratchet up several decibels this week, for that GOP presidential debate is sharpening all involving the large national, cultural as well as moral conflicts among conservative values versus Pope Francis' game-changing agenda. They're lost in the noisy lead-up towards the first GOP presidential debate. MSNBC reported Jeb saying: "I avoid getting economic policy via my bishops or perhaps my cardinals or even my pope," thus dismissing his pope: "I believe religion ought to become regarding causing us to end up being able to be better as people, much less about stuff that end up receiving into the political realm." Ouch, which is actually a gaff worse when compared with Jeb disowning his brother George's Iraq War.

It's therefore simple to imagine what he'll say are living for you to 300 GOP members regarding Congress the subsequent month when he appears before a new be a new part of session involving Congress. The Actual pope will even be a existence within the minds involving millions of voters listening throughout towards the debate, as well as every journalist as well as commentator hoping to get a hot audio bite for you to pounce on.. Dismissing him won't perform this election, he's got an army regarding billions upon his side


Crocodile removed from St. Louis County pond - fox2now.com

Photo courtesy associated with Rottler Lawn and Pest Solutions."/>A close-up in the crocodile http://outback-crocodile-adventures.com discovered in the west St. Louis County pond about Monday, Aug. Louis, however the consensus can be it was a pet in which grew as well big and had been dumped.

Finally, the pest experts baited a hook along with chicken gizzard. (AP) _ Right After four days of trying, a new 3-foot-long Nile crocodile is actually finally captured from a pond within west St. Louis County.

The St.

A close-up of the crocodile located in a west St. Louis County pond on Monday, Aug. Photo courtesy involving Rottler Lawn and Pest Solutions. Photo courtesy associated with Rottler Lawn along with Pest Solutions.


Crocodile removed coming from St. Louis Post-Dispatch

It can be unclear how the African species, that can easily grow to 16 feet extended along with weigh 500 pounds, wound up in suburban St. The idea proved to become tough to catch.

. 3, 2015. 3, 2015. Louis County pond

A close-up in the crocodile located inside a west St. Louis County pond about Monday, Aug. the crocodile was discovered addicted to Monday, still greatly alive.<br><br>CHESTERFIELD, Mo. Louis County pond on Monday, Aug. 			A close-up of the crocodile discovered in a west St. 3, 2015. Louis Post-Dispatch reviews which Rottler Pest along with Lawn Options received a call Thursday about the animal seen swimming inside a condominium complex pond. 3, 2015. <br><br>The crocodile is predicted being come to the refuge in South Carolina.<br><br>___<br><br>Information from: St. Photo courtesy associated with Rottler Lawn and also Pest Solutions<br><br>

August 05 2015


Medic fired for diabetes wins discrimination lawsuit - EMS1.com

A federal grievance states that the fire department fired the girl and also shared with her she in zero way must have been hired.

Associated PressCopyright 2015 Related Press. she filed a new discrimination lawsuit in February 2013 and also jurors reached his or her decision inside Indianapolis federal court on Friday.

. Rednour ended up being clinically determined in order to have diabetes in age 12 and her lawsuit claims http://eumetcal.org.uk your ex dismissal violated the actual Americans together with Disabilities Act. Rednour testified your woman didn't require them.

The associated Press 

INDIANAPOLIS -- Jurors possess ruled in which a former suburban Indianapolis paramedic had been discriminated against when the lady had been fired regarding having Sort one diabetes.

The Indianapolis Star reports that former Wayne Township Fire Department paramedic Kristine Rednour had been awarded $223,500. Just About All rights reserved. This kind of material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or perhaps redistributed.

Defense attorneys argued Rednour failed to show the fire department on the west aspect involving Indianapolis violated federal law simply because she didn't request accommodations

August 04 2015


Total reboot: How to fix Greece's economy - U.S. News & World Report

In the actual longer-term, tackle the greater tough but fundamental problems such as tax avoidance, substantial public credit card debt and complex enterprise laws.

The fishing sector is yet another sector that will Greece could develop rapidly and enjoys a powerful competitive advantage in, provided its huge shorelines.

The first, most significant step can be making certain the country includes a steady government which is committed to avoiding any disastrous exit in the euro.

ATHENS, Greece (AP) -- Right After a fantastic deal pain, Greece must now figure out how to obtain its economy again on its feet.

Investment in Greece this past year throughout every small thing from roads for you to new offices equaled just 12 % associated with economic output, largely any symptom of the insufficient confidence inside the country's stability. limits about cash withdrawals tend to be costing Greece an estimated 1.75 billion euros for you to 2.8 billion euros ($1.9 billion to $3.1 billion) weekly.

Investors wish to be able to know Greece won't fall under an additional crisis over whether to leave the actual euro -- which would cause large disruption towards the economy -- along with that the principles involving doing business won't change unexpectedly.

It will not really be easy, but Greece provides absolutely no alternative if really wants to ease its people's economic misery.

The guidance to Greece coming from economists can be simple: begin with the basics.

Agriculture a yr ago contributed practically six billion euros for the country's 179 billion euro economy but sometimes yield much more with the few fundamental modernization and much better marketing.

It could, regarding example, extend the actual tourism period straight into winter simply by creating more golf courses -- an acceptable move inside a nation blessed together with so much sunshine.

Because a excellent deal uncertainty remains, economists say Greece must focus within the short-term on making focused investments within industries it previously features a existence in.


The scale of the country's economic problems can be amazing -- an entire quarter with the economy evaporated in the past six a long time as well as enterprise exercise is now plummeting further. Simply three regarding 124 countries ranked from the Globe Bank invested any lower share.. That came to power within January vowing in order to undo any number of laws and also to challenge creditors. after several weeks of high-stakes talks raised fears Greece may well fall out http://lowclasslife.com with the euro, the economy went straight into reverse: instead of grow this year, it is anticipated for you to contract in between two as well as 4 percent.


Investors got out tens regarding billions of euros in the nation as well as the banks had being shut to end up being able to steer clear of their particular collapse. the hope may always be the government that will emerges through these elections will demonstrate much more stable.


Though the number of guests this year will be forecast to end up being able to hover around last year's, experts repeat the country could find ways to boost revenue.


Take olive oil.

Tourism, that produces virtually 0.25 regarding Greek economic output alongside list trade, however could be improved further.


Turning Greece's main ports of Piraeus and Thessaloniki in to regional cruiseship hubs needs to be yet another important goal for that tourism sector, mentioned Christos Agiakloglou, professor involving economics from Piraeus University.

Greece's present government offers the starkest illustration of the hazards involving political uncertainty. Political parties, including your ruling Syriza, will always be in turmoil and there is speculation Greece will head directly into an additional general election in November. Government cuts necessary to be entitled to a a fresh bailout will harm incomes for years to come.

"You have the groundwork currently laid out and also there's no requirement for large investment," said Panayotis Alexakis, professor regarding economics in the National & Kapodestrian University Or College regarding Athens.

The outlook for political stability just isn't especially good. Even though Greece will be the third largest extra virgin olive oil producer inside the world, it exported 0.6 regarding its output in order to Italy in bulk, providing its neighbor the opportunity make 50 percent much more around the cost of the ultimate packaged product, in accordance with the 2012 record simply by consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

Have the steady government as well as purchase proven sectors such as tourism along with agriculture


Gay marriage is not the foe of religious freedom - The Age

And that they are utilizing religious freedom to launch the rearguard attack.

What's to stop an architect via claiming in which it violates their faith to end up being able to create a residence for any same-sex couple, or maybe a officer declaring exactly the actual same when inspired to maintain the peace in a pride march?

The difficulty is the very fact that if you allow businesses to make faith-based conscience claims, there is simply no principled reasons why an exemption needs to end up being able to be restricted to weddings.

No, it's not.

Australian discrimination law reflects our inclusive society. As the actual question regarding same-sex marriage moves through if to when, opponents get shifted their own focus on religious freedom.

Their strategy will be unsurprising. This does not necessarily mean there's a free-standing correct in order to opt from regulations when the community overall has a distinct view.

Lyle Shelton, from your Australian Christian Lobby, argues that same-sex marriage along with religious freedom are usually "incompatible". These People argue that his or her plight is actually comparable into a synagogue asked to cater a neo-Nazi party, a new black DJ asked to spin tunes at a Ku Klux Klan dance, or a Muslim baker inspired to bake a new cake using a message denigrating your Koran. Isn't it fair sufficient to make the narrowly focused exemption applying only to wedding vendors, for as long once we depart the remainder associated with discrimination law intact?

Religious opponents frequently reply in which sexual orientation will be not a morally irrelevant characteristic, for example race or perhaps sex; it is a controversial behaviour.

David Glasgow is definitely an associate director as well as research fellow within the Public Curiosity Law Centre with The Huge Apple School University regarding Law, plus an Australian lawyer.

Let's keep it which way.

By its nature, discrimination law prevents people via picking deciding on clients based on their beliefs. The law insists, rightly, that to be able to reap the actual great things about opening a company for the public, the business enterprise must be open up on equal terms.

In an episode with the ABC's Q&A inside early June, any Christian calligrapher http://occupyfdp.com known as for legal safeguards for you to allow the woman's business for you to refuse orders regarding gay wedding invitations. If baking any cake constitutes a company owner complicit in the sin regarding same-sex marriage, the wide range of actions could make them complicit inside the sin of same-sex relationships.

Just pay interest to business owners within the US while they defend his or her refusal to serve same-sex couples. Numerous religious individuals object to almost all or even any homosexual activity as well as relationships, not just marital ones. The Particular core with the newest religious freedom campaign may always be the liberty to always be able to refuse service.

Australian law prevents support providers coming from discriminating against clients upon grounds for example race, sex or sexual orientation, simply because we recognise which individuals attributes shouldn't impede a person's participation throughout civic life.

Australians should overlook the current calls in order to water down our discrimination laws. Inside the especially charming illustration, 1 Colorado baker explained that his unwillingness to make the cake to obtain a same-sex couple's wedding had been zero distinct for you to his unwillingness to create any "paedophile cake".

Illustration: Andrew Dyson

Illustration: Andrew Dyson

Some might state that passing a considerable social reform for example marriage equality needs compromise. Along With a sizable variety of wedding vendors through which usually to choose, is it not necessarily reasonable to be able to allow businesses together with religious objections to opt out?

These examples may well appear fanciful, yet we'd like merely appear once more for the US, in that a doctor has refused to treat the small one of your lesbian couple, a new DJ offers declined for you to function with a gay man's birthday party, plus a mechanic features refused to correct vehicles owned through any openly gay person. This is religious liberty in steroids.

As marriage equality increasingly seems inevitable, we have got to certainly not be complacent. This respects a new diversity of non-public views, whilst requiring everyone to attempt out with a fair pair of guidelines in the public square.

We in addition recognise that will putting marginalised teams inside the ever-present danger involving getting turned away just isn't conducive to always be able to creating a tolerant along with relaxing society, and would reinforce historical patterns associated with exclusion.

Several US states possess introduced, as well as threatened for you to introduce, laws shielding religious people and companies that mind same-sex marriage. Adam Ch'ng, a director associated with Connect Ministry, warns that same-sex marriage locations the actual freedom of faith communities "at risk".

It may appear overwrought to warn with the impending tyranny involving gay couples demanding flower arrangements, but there's a beguiling logic for the argument. Which kind of religious freedom is actually a given, and no bills launched in Australia get challenged it. Now, opponents are trying to import the same agenda in to Australia.. Others, searching again for the US, have got raised your spectre involving bakers, photographers, florists and also reception venues becoming forced, against their conscience, to become able to serve same-sex couples.

This just isn't in regards to end up being able to the liberty of churches as well as ministers not to perform same-sex weddings whether it violates their own faith. Religious liberty provides formed an essential section of the actual campaign against same-sex marriage inside the Usa for of a decade, plus it had grow for you to be the centrepiece following your US Supreme Court granted complete marriage equality in June.

Living inside a liberal society implies that folks are permitted to keep repugnant views that equate same-sex couples with paedophiles and neo-Nazis. Opponents have got learnt from the US that will his or her loss might be assured more than your extended run, nevertheless the terms of their particular defeat are generally up for grabs

August 02 2015


Fire damages Hamden structure housing apartment, auto repair shop - New Haven Register

AMR was referred in order to as in as becoming a precaution "to access the actual physical situation in the firefighters operating in the summer heat completely protective gear," he said. "A second alarm ended up being transmitted thanks towards the potential fire-load, which includes physique shop solvents, paints and multiple automobiles stored inside the particular repair shop," he said..

It took with regards to an hour as well as so for your fire to be declared below control, he said, and also no-one ended up being injured. "However, the particular wood-frame building needed extensive overhaul to extinguish fire extension in order to void areas as well as interior walls."


The constructing at 56 Benton St. houses MadCity Auto Repair, thus there is additional potential for danger because of towards the contents in the garage, Hamden Fire Department Deputy Chief Gary Merwede stated inside a launch Saturday.

HAMDEN >> The Benton Street constructing which housed a condo plus a business was damaged Saturday morning when fire broke out shortly following 7 a.m.

The one resident which lives in the apartment had been able to get out without having injury, Merwede said.

"The main body in the fire had been contained for the space associated with origin," Merwede said

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